The first egirl simp in cfp



On a scale from 1-10, how good did I do
I fooled everyone btw
I’m so good at impersonating females lessgoooo


before anybody says anything it’s something to be proud of
you wish you were as good of a female as I am


That is just nasty, you actual creep.



m8 u told me to call u hot in public chat so the others would simp for u
shut up


and you said I look better than most guys in your school, I was playing along to your weird ass simp game.


Damn it was you all this time?? I was starting to fall for you smh


m8 u told me to say that
also yes prabh btw that’s sus


I’m in the process of making another simp acc it’s name right now is Minecraftgamer
I’m gonna change the name once I hit like level 40
It has season 4 battlepass



lol literally what
u did not seem convincing to me? maybe its cuz thes guys dont talk to girls irl


you did a 1. congrats


What do you mean?


rating from 1-10


I’m at least mid come on