The fever/mine issue


Hello everyone,

Whenever i played lately i observed something. More and more players seem to be using the combination of 2 fevers/mines. Fever and mines are equally big atm (except timebomb and trigger bomb). The effect do not really matter either, because they mostly steal the same amount of points. So it is basically irrelevant which fever/mine one is using you will always play the same (again triggerbomb is an exception here).

Most players spam fevers and mines all over the field and just run away, so shots are in a big disadvantage. Imo this combo needs to be changed.

Here a screenshot of something interesting:

Oh what a surprise, 11/12 modules are fevers or bombs.

Possible things that could be done:

  1. Make fevers and mines smaller. I was thinking of the size of a trigger bomb. Like that spamming would actually not be that effective anymore and you would actually have to aim.

  2. Make fevers and mines time based. By that i mean that they should expire after a certain amount of time, just like the stealth mine does atm.

  3. Something that @Owl mentioned: Fevers should deal less damage. But if you kill someone under the fever effects you should get a bonus amount of points. If the player manages to survive the fever, you don’t get a bonus.

What do you guys think about this?


Well. Im always complaining about im ultra focused by mines and fevers, so im ultra agree with you :wink:


Yes I agree with it too… cause sometimes u can try so hard with other modules and then u cant go anywhere cause there r soooo many fevers around :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Indeed, sometimes there are even 3-4 or more fevers in one place … have you tried to go through that :joy: its 4 times around 10%. That is around 35% of points you could lose :joy: with mines you r at least immune for a certain amount of time.


fevers <3


Totally agree with you Line. I do see some people spam their fever/mines and it can get annoying, especially when you pride yourself to have good aim with them, haha. But, I LOVE the suggestion @Owl made where you get extra points if someone dies under the effects of your fever. I think they should be made slightly smaller in size so that aiming is actually needed. However, when looking at the playing field in your picture, it seems that there is still a reasonable amount of space left to use.
Thanks for bringing the issue to light!


Maybe not as small as a trigger mine, but definitely smaller.

I think that fevers should have a time effect, but not mines, since they can help you survive as well.

I like the Owl idea. It was from the old game modes…