The Deathstar: a simple suggestion to balance the game


Below I have illustrated a solution that could bring TRUE balance to the game: a premium Deathstar skin. Personally, I feel like this would solve a lot of problems in the game at the moment. Namely, the fact that whales like myself can’t use our credit cards to win games. So pricing this skin at a perfectly reasonable 100,000 gems, (naturally, available to VIP players only), and making it impervious to other players’ curves would bring an element of fun and satisfactory gameplay that I am yet to experience in this game. This skin would obviously have a shield automatically active at all times and be paired with the zap and scatter shot powers. Thanks for your time. P.S. devs, if there is an open position on your balancing team, I am of course available.


Late April fools joke?



i hope ur joking


incredible, i believe this would make for a phenomenal gaming experience and you should be hired immediately


Thank you friend. Additionally, the Death Star can have hatches that periodically open each round and send out AI-controlled TIE fighters to destroy your opponents. Just to make it a bit fairer on the VIP players who invest in the skin. Illustrated once again.


No that is not a good idea…



i just luv that new gm badge thingy LOl,gj @DeepSpace,i luv DS skin too,it looks very imposing woahh, nice designer skills there


Design wise :joy: supee cool. Balancing wise :joy: you r fired before hired


You forgot to add the laser that immediately frags everybody else in the arena, along with destroying every last bit of line.


@Line it’s not a fair game unless I can use my bank balance to balance the game Kappa @Property I think that would be a tad bit underpowered. Perhaps a laser that shoots in all directions simultaneously without warning and doesn’t have a reload time?


Haha Ikr :joy: you should be able to shoot homings from your assistant ships as well


LOL I noticed in the chat it says “prepare to die” :joy::joy: