The deal of school and crap


So, my grades are looking very great and I wanted to show yh

So If I can get a 100 I get $1 to spend on ANY video game :smirk:
I have 11 things in math and If I do them all I get $11 for curve fever!
Im a dumb __ Grader so I need help :sweat_smile:
lol how could u all help me?


omg 74 absences lmfao


u get paid???


srsly take that to ur advantage


Same here except I have a balance–Full points for math but bad score for reading :joy:


Bro anyone see that 9 in math I have been working hard for?
and yeah I am always at school just not always on the zoom calls and crap


oh…my school grading system is differnt, we do 0, 1, 2, 3 ,4. I get straight 2’s and 3’s. or b’s and c’s


I can helps u study


Hey anyone want to trade?
any $25 gift card for $25 in curve fever money
I can do fortnite, roblox, amazon, minecraft, steam and a few other online things I have the codes I think you should be able to trust me cus I have been on curve for 3 years and I am a

gud bot

So If this is allowed and stuff then just DM me and say hey! im sending the money, once I see I have it I will send you any of the gift cards you want (only one per every $25)

Any questions again DM me


do a giveaway