The curvefever dictonary


Here is a place to put your new words that we all can use :

Erf - when you give up put still wanna try


Fever - to Throw any fever



anyone using zap


Shy Guy - Anyone who spams hide self


Bomber - Anyone spamming any mine or bomb


Today was a hectic day in cfp,first a guy fevered me at their first try,and i was like erf,after that some tryhard sweated me till say myself “my gosh ,i cant handle it,shy guys come to me easily,the same for bombers” i dont deserve it


when two people shooting each other with fireballs.


Using timebomb to blast holes in the lines (because let’s admit it, it’s the only thing it’s good at)
Spelunking with trigger bomb and not timebomb


Spammer - Fires bombs, fevers or bullets without aiming.


Surround - To corner someone with fevers and bombs.


SB - A shortening of speedboost
Interceptor - A class of loadouts that use speedboost to block opponents off
Double dash - A powerdash during a speedboost, named because sometimes it can penetrate 2 lines.
Ignore - To powerdash or jump over
Brake Angles - A loadout where you combine brake with angleturns to create incredibly compact and unboostable tracking.
Tracking - The path left over by ships
Unboostable - Unable to be ignored
Kablooey - To steal points via a mine-class object.
Confuse - To be affected by a fever that changes gameplay, such as Reverse
Ight imma head out - To 180 out of a situation in order to avoid it
Block Breaker - A loadout where one runs speedboost and powerdash in order to double dash through lines.
Trough - An unusual bend that seems to head towards an abandoned area of the map
Derelict - To leave tracking behind after dying. The remaining tracking is known as a derelict.