The Curvefever apocalypse challenge (singleplayer)


We write the year 2084.
As you gaze out the window you see the dusty sky. Trash everywhere. You turn around and start the computer. A blue screen with a logo appears. You just found curvefever! The game you loved so much when you were young! It reminds you of the days when everything was fine. Before everything fell apart.
You’re the last person on curvefever. You are actually probably the last person on the internet. Well: better set some singleplayer records to honor the game! Let’s go!

1st challenge:

  • Survive as long as you can
    :gm:HIGHSCORE: :gm:
1st @UnknownPlayer  11 min 52 sec

2nd challenge :

  • Go through as many holes of your own line as you can in 1 round
    :gm:HIGHSCORE: :gm:

3rd Challenge:

  • Draw a lollipop with your line

Post a screenshot of your results and let’s see how has the highest Score


This is interesting.


Okay, so this is the video of my longest survival without any modules: The video is from the Christmas Camping contest which was held in the end of 2019.

Screenshot of final result:

About the second challenge, I have gone through about 40 holes in one round (excluded the times, I passed holes multiple times). I do not have a screenshot to prove it currently but I can always retry the challenge and send in the screenshot then.


oh :open_mouth: thats uhh very impressive


Got 46 hole points in single round, the result could of have been better but I think it is not that bad.


The nooobly done lolipop on my alt acc
3rd challenge made on phone


y u up at 1:53? (im not a stalker, u can see it in the very bottom of the pic)


Also can we use powers