The color Stellar is not so... 'stellar'



Good evening,

In the essence of curving it is watching where you are going. Top it with some powerups and you might also want to look where your opponents are going to plan on stealing some points.

Lately I have come to realize I crash into a specific color that I can’t see very well against the battlefield’s background: Stellar blue (the color used by @Sebaci here in screenshot).

I crash into it often near the bottom right of the screen (where the rounds crashes are shown). I also tend to crash on the top right (where the ping and such is shown). Furthermore I tend to be unable to navigate around the color when looking at other players whilst moving. Of course this happens to any color ever so often. But I notice an increased amount of crashing where the color ‘stellar’ is involved. I insist on a change in color tone for this color.



maybe they could make the light blue accent on the skin stand out more?