The choice of choosing region to play in



what is point of this if its gonna put me in different region and I will have huge lag and lose game & points??
is there any way this can be fixed?


When you check this option you will be playing only in the selected region you’ve picked above (either EU or US). If it’s unchecked you will play in both.


point of my post is that I always have checked US region, because I live in Los Angeles. And often it puts me to EU region…


Happens to me often too. So much so that I wrote about it previously:

It’s meant to be fixed but it’s not, and the game is no longer being developed - so ugh, not much to be done. I do find that choosing to rematch can make it worse… I hazard a guess that if other players are all from selected region and you’ve chosen a different one but want to rematch with them then that takes preference?