The battle of CURVE FEVER's NICEST players 2 | round one!



We are back again with MORE of this! last time I posted this it was a HUGE mess, so this time there will be an easy-to-find Google Sheets that you can get the link for HERE (you may need to request to view).

Here are the first 8 heats! these will be up for three days! Vote quick :master::cfp:

  • Creepy7472
  • big_aur

0 voters

  • memedroid
  • CalpustSID

0 voters

  • Gremlin
  • Horton86462

0 voters

  • Rojoss

0 voters

  • waterjelly
  • daRealPig

0 voters

  • mos_mus (mostafa)
  • Latios

0 voters

  • therealDONTKNOW
  • Rypherio

0 voters

  • NICK
  • aluto

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PLEASE do not comment but DM or like the post I don’t want to make more than one topic I want all the polls to be very easy to find and view.

Have a great day! :cfp::trigon::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Everyone and @Everyone START VOTING LOL


nice post.


no commenting :joy:


I’m tying everything lol


gremlin in the lead!!!


Btw u know that there’s a setting in the share that allows everyone who has the link to access it?


I am using a school email I will fix it in the next hour


Okay thanks
Btw I voted against myself Lol


So, there haas not been much activity so the polls will be open unil there are 20+ votes
if there is none in the next one-two weeks the contest will be donefore and over… I am thinking about hosting the tours for curve fever if that is possible

#11 Let it die


im winning wooooooo