The ads are terrible


I cannot close the ad most of the times and need to refresh the page in order to get back to the game.

But today I had a vertical ad! nonsense!


We work with a partner (Adinplay) for ads and they work with hundreds of ad inventories so it is out of our control what ads you get and it also heavily depends on what country you’re from.
The ad will automatically close after the timer (see bottom left), there is no need to refresh the game.


it never closes (90% of times). I am using safari.

do you get more reports like this? I always have to refresh


I recommend buying VIP. You won’t get any ads + you support the game.


No, first time hearing this.
I currently don’t have access to a Macbook but when I do I will check it out.
For now try use a different browser like Chrome.


what do you think that VIP players should be AD free?