The 3-word story



arent jumping high


they just float


and fall down


even if there


wouldnt be the


any rubber ducks…


that splashes into…


A big lake


Yesterday the goat


Ate a rubber-duck


Okay, I’ve decided to waste my time and make the story (with interpunction and stuff like that).

Spoiler alert!

Once there was
a wild @VIDMAN that went to Paper league to see if it started begin an all-encompassing experience. However, something unusual happened. He had a nosebleed due to a beaten nose, aquired by getting caught without cookies. Since @VIDMAN ate a lot of banana’s and mango’s on the go to the very mean cookie haters. But when he stepped on a squeaky rubber duck, he found out lifes true purpose is to love all of the squeaky rubber ducks because they can squeak very loud. Let’s move on to the part where @theangelov came to squeak with @Geert and @VIDMAN. They had a piece of a star and (even more) squeaky rubber ducks. The squeaky ducks came to destroy the big rubber duck before the end of rubber ducks (that can squeak, I feel like we know this already). It was not a very effective clock block attack. Then @ray came with rubber ducks and another new shiny rubber duck, shouting: ‘‘No rubber, it’s a real threat to your rubber duck collection!’’. But once a big crocodile came, disguised as a duck, and quacked loudly until he just slipped over a tiny rubber duck. Then he ate all the squeaky rubber ducks. They conquer the world just to prove that they can twerk. That is what rubber ducks do to become a sharpshooter in Curve Fever Pro. Then they get on the biggest horse that isn’t big, but it is dead and currently decaying. The dead horse was surrounded by worms from an apple and some maggots. After that, something unexpected happened. The dead horse came back to life after he jumped of a mountain and he just flew with wings. He landed on a three-headed monkey which was just as annoying as @Averazon. The horse was also very scary and very psychotic. (Then @Robt44 came to tell us that the story DiD NoT HAve ENOugH CoRRecT PuNCTuaTIOn). Suddenly he just realized that @Rice is a noob that stumbled into the biggest tree of curvefever land, it zapped wild @VIDMAN and he died metaphorically, because he ate a pizza. It was a pinappled pizza laced with cyanide. That was fake and it wasn’t actually cyanide, but a really big duck. ANOTHER squeaky rubber duck that jumped of a very high cliff. The duck broke the leg of a wooden bench. So now everyone was crying for absolutely no reason. Then the broken leg said: ‘‘Rats are cute, but rubber ducks aren’t jumping high! They just float and fall down even if there wouldn’t be any more rubber ducks that splash into big lakes!’’.

End of Chapter One

I just have one question, WHY ON EARTH would you choose rubber ducks? @NoFlavor


Hahaha lol I dont know :laughing: Yeeey I finished part 1 :blush::joy:


and he got


very dizzy and


fell on the


big and jelly


and said, “yuck!”


Because of reasons … :sweat_smile:


I’m assuming this isn’t part of the story.

because it exploded


into very sharp