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Anja came to

Anja its time for new chapter


The conclusion that

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rubber ducks are

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Now extinct so

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no rubber duckies

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Who ate the
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Chapter four

With more duckies and even more rubber dead ducks with more rubber there were unicorns that could end the story (luckily they didn’t). The unicorn screamed: ‘‘I am Legolas, and I’m here to rekt every squeaky rubber duck!’’. Without good ideas to find the soul of his friend which is his grandfather, he lashed out against the big pig. The big pig didn’t win but he papered (beat @VIDMAN :wink: ) and he just fell on the really really really soft fluffy cloud. The cloud was really not as cool as a cookie, mostly because Curve Fever players were the far superior bakers. They baked a special cookie with caramel and cherries covered with warm white chocolate. The cookie was sexy, just like @Ozzzj, but he was wearing yoga pants with high ski boots and a beatiful cap with gloves, not to mention that he isn’t a legit inheritor… He ate a lot of pizza with rubber ducks and he cried: ‘‘I want CAAKKKEEEE’’.

Plottwist: there was no cake, there were only two cookies to share with @Rojoss the Cookieking and the good @Line and @Property. They were both banned and @VIDMAN was banned as well. @VIDMAN did nothing wrong but then he hacked the servers and @Rojoss got really mad and banned everyone. Then he died and the funeral was so empty that the world turned back in time and then @Rojoss was alive, but he got really fat because the nuclear weapon created a potato that made potatoes which fed @Rojoss, so he could take over CFP without being a complete idiot. So he is now a complete idiotwho doesn’t know what to do in this world.

Meanwhile, @NoFlavor was consuming some rubber (but not that rubber) ducks who saw @VIDMAN and said hi to everybody in the CFP forums. Then the forums became very popular and the world exploaded into space and the rubber @anja came to the conclusion that rubber ducks are now extinct.

End of chapter four

Man, this is such a sad end of this chapter. But it might be a good time to move on and not think about the squeaky rubber ducks that have been dominating this story all this time. (Also a note for everyone: if you put a name in the story, this person will get tagged :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Nice work anja!
I would not like to rewrite it :smiley:


Yes, please no more rubber ducks :joy: we need to come up with something more interesting :joy:
And since Ozzzj didn’t start with chapter 5, I allow myself to do so …


On a snow-covered


mountain of doom


was living old


Santa with his


Friendly Averazon boy…


who was helping


the old man


that is plump


would soon decide


that he is



done with life


and consumed a

(rubber duck?)