The 3-word story



unicorns that could


end the story. (this is the end?)


a misterious guy shouted from a leafy bush…


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Chapter Three
A big tree with big braches and warts on the beautiful shore, you saw your awkard pictures with your ugly cat superimposed upon his rubber ducks. The rubber ducks, who eat soap in the bathtub while juggling one-hundred monkey headed birds that were screaming, were singing a beautiful song using only g-notes. Then @theTCHF appeared and summoned @ManThroat who summoned that evil cat that ate the monkeys and then got to the kitchen cabinet and stole all the chicken strips that weighed 100lb more than the cat. @theTCHF and @ManThroat gathered the very sharp swords to kill the evil cat, but the rubber duckies killed it before, to transform it into an evil ruber ducky cat that was @Robt44’s worst enemy. This was because they killed his wife and kids and his cat. So @Robt44 got a new car and ran over a rubber ducky that couldn’t fly because he was blind and had fought in a blind ducky fight. He lost that fight horribly because he was suffering from depression and anxiety from eating a huge burrito with his sombrero and hot salsa. The huge burrito fell on @ManThroat’s scrambled eggs and @theTCHF’s toast who killed the evil rubber ducky cat. @VIDMAN suddenly appeared out of nowhere causing @ManThroat to poop himself and @theTCHF to also poop himself. @ManThroat and @theTCHF changed their clothes in a tiny gnome changing room that was half of the quality as a normal human changing room.

So we thought that the story was over. @VIDMAN asked @ManThroat to stop but a ruber ducky ate a whole chocolate squeaky duck. The squeaky duck loved sitting on a big couch situated on the top of a large refrigerator that was on Mount Everest but unfortunatly fell off and killed Santa (:frowning:) that wasn’t actually santa (:sweat_smile:) but @hohoho’s aunt’s grandpa’s cousin’s son who’s @hohoho’s pet dog now. @hohoho found a squeaky rubber ducky who’s father was not the same. Then joined the tour (NOT promoting the tour of @VIDMAN) and won on easy mode, but got kicked out and then got some diseases and he suddenly jumped into a small mall, which only had one @Rojoss store before he died. As the funeral proceeded in the cupcake mans house, he decided to eat his daughter. However, his daughter ate his cat and his frong. The warty frog, which was really @Geert in disguise, didn’t smell bad but it ejected a doubtful amount of razorblades out of its arm.

End of Chapter Three


" I am Legolas! "


Hmmm… I thought legolas is legolas :laughing:


And im here…
(Haha ,he is continuing the history)


To rekt every


Squeaky rubber duck


Without good ideas


To find soul


Of his friend


but the dolphin :dolphin:


which is his


Grand grand father


Lashed out against…


The big pig


Pig didn’t win


but he papered


And he just