The 3-word story



Into the void…

@anja are we ready for chapter 2?


to never be (end nex time?)


Sure, lets goooo

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Chapter Two
Yesterday the goat ate a rubber duck and he got very dizzy and fell on the jelly and said: ‘‘yuck!’’ because it exploded into a very sharp and big place. He felt weird when that happened. And suddenly, out of the blue, a big light illuminated an unpleasant jar of cookies brought by @Rojoss. It happened to be completely empty becaus @NoFlavor was hungry and she also ate a big keyboard which was very unclean and neglected. But then an angry rat came and killed @NoFlavor and @Rojoss. But unexpectedly they turned into crazy purple chickens with squeaky rubber ducks behind them. The squeaky rubber ducks killed the quick ninja rubber duck. They lived happily ever after! But wait, there is a person who doesn’t like moaning every night. So he went to destroy the human civilization and take over all of @Dragonfyre’s mind and heart, but he failed… He fell off (something) into the void to never be…

End of Chapter Two


This chapter was a bit short, I wanted to stay as close to the input you guys gave as possible :smile:

You might have to wait even longer for chapter 3, since I won’t have a lot of time (exams, yay)


A big tree… (how many chapters are there going to be?)…


with big branches


And had warts…

Gl @anja on exams! I don’t have exams as im in Middle School :yum:


on the beautiful


shore, you saw


your awkward pictures


with your ugly…


cat superimposed upon your face


his rubber ducks


who eat soap


in the bathtub


while juggling one-hundred


monkey headed birds… I don’t know where I’m going with this.


that were screaming


a beautiful song


using only g-notes


Is that finally the end of the sentence?