The 24 Game



There’s this game that’s really popular in my school(my school is online BTW), called the 24 game.

Essentially, you’re given 4 numbers, and you have to make 24 out of them. Once you post your solution, give 4 more numbers for the next person.


No double-posting(i.e. no posting solutions to your own numbers just to post new numbers). However, if someone asks for help, you can post hints.

No adding in numbers you are not given.

Your method is not allowed to be impossible.

All numbers must be integers.

You can use operations including factorials, combinatorials, multiplication, exponents, etc., but nothing after precalculus.

You must use all the numbers.

You cannot use bases.

You can only use the “square root function” if you have a 2. However, the 2 will be used up.

Notation(subject to change and addition):

x/y means x divided by y
xy means x times y
x^y means x raised to the power of y
x-y means x minus y
x+y means x plus y
sqrt[x][y] means y raised to the power of 1/x. If you need to take the square root of a number z, use x=2 and y=z to perform it.
xCy means x choose y (combinatorials).
<a,b> means the vector of a and b.
<c,d> means the dot product of the vectors <a,b> and <c,d>.

There are more specific restrictions, if you accidentally violate an unlisted(or listed) rule or post an incorrect solution, I’ll try pointing it out.

For now, let’s begin!

My numbers are 56, 8, 3, and 11. This one was a big puzzler for my family and friends for a long time.

Extra points if you guess which online school I attend.



56, 11, 8, 3


8 * 3 = 24 and you dont use 11 and 56


Woops you’re supposed to use all. I’ll edit that into the rules :slight_smile:


is it impossible?




it is


you have to raise it to a power…right


very interesting… I can’t figure it out


are you sure the numbers are correct?
Oh, can you use the same number more than twice if we still use them all?


No, you cannot.

Hint: combinatorials


there’s no way I’m doing that…:rofl:


I would if I knew how… I’m not that far in math


I know how to do it but theres just so many combinations…no pun intended.


This is off-topic, but do you like being a moderator @Robt44


Is that even a question? of course.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you go to an online school, is that how you male these long things up? Because I salute you man, but how much cf time do you get in a day?


Around 2 hours a day for cfpro.

I attend from home, yeah.

There are a ton of combinations, and being creative in the game is the catch :slight_smile:

Another hint to my online school BTW: All resources except taking courses are free on it.


Hint: First step is 56/8. Try using combinatorials from there.


Khan Academy


Hmmm good guess. No. I do use KhanAcademy, but I don’t attend it on a regular basis. Maybe a video if I need help on something.

Another hint: It’s dedicated largely to math, but also has a few science courses.