The 1.5.0 Update


The 1.5.0 update is hated and liked by people. I personally don’t like it, but that’s me. It does make things a LOT more fair to new players but it also makes it so we cant use our favorite power-ups without them running out. Also the new update (if reversed) will reset the upgrades to the power-ups. The new update is very confusing as well. I’m not sure which power-ups I have and which ones I don’t. This next part is more of a me problem, I had 8 chests and now I have 0, I don’t really care though. Overall, the more I think about it, I think that it will be a plus in the long run.

This is just my opinion.


it may be more fair to new players, but this is completely unfair to old players as there was no form of compensation what so ever for the upgrades and coins lost from this update, which came with no warning
I can see how removing upgrades is good for new players, but you could say that about any game ever that has upgrades, that wouldn’t make the game better though


@woohoo2230 I have seen you on several topics about this. I completely agree with you. I’m and old player as well, and I think it’s unfair for the people who spent money on coins. I have no way to argue against you besides of saying, think of others.

Thanks for your feedback. :grin:


Also, what is the energy used for. Is it for the ones you don’t own. Can you just only use them with ‘energy’ until you own it. Or is it because it’s a higher rank?


Energy is used once you go through all your accumulated free uses.

For instance, I had every power at level 6 or above, except for hide self which remained locked due to me never finding points for it. Essentially I had zero levels on hide-self so I get no free uses towards it.


Thank You. I had no clue what they were for.:grin:


You mentioning a reset of the upgraded powers is simply wrong. Devs have a backup where all your points updates and coins r stored


@Line You see, i did not now that or where to know about that, thank you