That one Share Your Pro Tips for CFP Thread: The Sequel


I’m just confused on how to somehow survive to Gold 1 since i just made it into Gold, and i need some pro tips. Feel free to share your tips here.


Tip 1: don’t die first :wink:


Tip 2: Always focus the leader.


Tip 3: No matter what happens, do not suicide!?!?!?


Well, I would say don’t suicide in first 3 rounds no matter what happens. After it depends :slight_smile:


tip 4: dont listen tip 3


Tip 5: If you are leader in round 6 with 210-249 points, prepare to get fucked


tip 5.1: especially if you are top 100


tip 5.2: Definitely if you are playing bronze bois.


tip 6: listen to worship music while playing :latin_cross:


Yeah, be scared of being the leader(unlike in K.O. mode where you got immunity…looks away, whistling innocently)


Wait, K.O mode is still a thing? @Dragonfyre


Not anymore :frowning: Too bad