Tell a funny fact about someone!



This is a forum game where you tell a funny joke about someone. I will start off.

Did you know that NoFlavor has no flavor?


DefaultBoi is, in fact, not a default; they’re a pro in disguise.



Line likes games that are more linear in terms of level design. So much, in fact, that he has a surprisingly linear schedule for every day.


@turtle is not a real turtle

Curve Fever Pro Leaks

@Ozzzj has a ex-girlfriend in the profile picture


@Averazon 's real color is red


This means @Averazon is two-faced !?!


3* + black color


Did you know @hohoho is in fact not Santa but his wife


@Property celebrates birthdays by staying up all night with a pack of Cheetos alone.


@Wreckitelf names from a knock off North Pole wreck it ralph


Juul’s dad died when he was 6


@Wreckitelf didnt actually wreck an elf


@ArmenianAv3t1s62 doesn’t actually support communism


@Wreckitelf lies 98% of the time


@ArmenianAv3t1s62 facts are all outdated (take it from the 2% that is correct) :slight_smile:


@Property in fact has no property


@ASIAN_REXY Is not really asian(im IRL asian)


@ASIAN_REXY is actually a famous youtuber called mrfreshasain in disguise