Teleporting Mines and Fevers Need to be Fixed


This is a less extreme example, there are ones where the fever goes past me for atleast half a second and then appears in front of me. How am i supposed to counter this, i see it go past me so i go down and then bam i cant even react


Happens with 100 ping… could be because of you lagging or because some general lag that has increased for some players since the last update


This can not be fixed it’s a side effect of a networked game.
We can only make predictions so we predict the movement of the fever but we can’t predict at what moment the user shooting the fever will stop it by pressing the key or releasing it.
So as soon as the player says stop the fever it has to be send to the server and the server has to send it to you and that all takes time based on ping so therefore the fever will keep on moving and then go back in time to stop it at the time the other user stopped it. Therefore it will jump back in time.


In general even without the lags it’s hard to react in time if your brain is slow like mine, so I tend to avoid the direction of the fever/mine. Its kinda like avoiding the old homing missile or a laser.

Prediction > Reaction