Teleport module


I figured out how this works. You tap once shoot out a shot like old-homing and then you tap again to land where the shot is. You then have 1 second without dropping a line though you can collide in this time. You also have to continue controlling your curve while your teleport shot travels across the screen.

This seems like the fairest way of implementing a teleport module to me.


Sounds good :joy:
Could be a little OP

What about the reload time? Should be pretty long right?


Yeah reload time would be pretty long maybe 10s though I don’t think it would be very OP since the skill threshold would be pretty high.

You’d have to 1) shoot in a direction where people won’t be by the time the shot reaches the area, 2) continue controlling your curve while you watch where you’re landing, 3) make sure you have space to manouver without colliding once you land, 3) not be able to use your line to block shots when you first land with the 1 second of no line, making it even harder to teleport in front of people and insta kill them. Also it wouldn’t still points sooo :man_shrugging: