Teams Spawns


Hey its me yet another time xD but this time its not critizism for the sake of critizism.

I probably found a way this time of how to fix the jump break meta in teams. And its even easy to implement no need to change up the whole mode or modules.

Well teams matches are currently pretty messy. Games get totaly caotic if some players dont understand how to play the first second of eatch round. I think this is currently the case becouse of the spawns. Players have to make a lote of desisions even in the first seconds.
Let me explain:

If both teams conquer their space perfectly this should happen.

In this senario every player tries to conquer the most space for their team. A huge part of the map at the right cant be take easily and will most likely become messy turain, if u consider that when this gets taken powers are already up.
The problem why this dosent happen atm, is that every player has to decide that he is going to play this senario now. If just one player decieds to curve a different senario the whole coordination falls apart and the map will become messy as a resoult.

Players deside like this becouse there are a lot of coordinated gamestates that can be played here is anothere example.

Players have 3 desiosion at the start at the moment, go right, go left or dont challange the space. (always challange the space or ur team will hate you, so lets not count this as a real option).
I suggest different spawns that limit the desisions players have to make at the start of the game.

With spawns like this every player only has one real option to play the start. Only one direction is avivabale. A coordination mata dosent need to be established anymore becous its already destyned how the first seconds should be played. This would make the maps in Teams become way more orderly and it would be easyer to camp and harder to attack.

Why do i think this would affect break and jump? Well break and jump is really good a messy maps. It can survive even there pertty long. If there are a lot more camps on the map it loses some of its value.
You dont need a special power to survive in your own or somone elses camp pretty long.
But this is of couse only speculation. Something new insanely powerfull could arise instantly.

This change should only be a matter of changing the spawn coordinates. So its hella easy to realise and to revert, if this compleatly sucks. Btw. a little option when creating the game for different spawn coordinates would be cool.

Now that im already at it i can also mention some different spawn systems that might be interesting to:
You can rotate most spawn systems and they still hold up. Here is my suggestion rotated:

Random mirrowed spawns could also be a thing:

Random spawns would be pointless becous one team would have an advantage.

Traitor Spawns could be kinda cool (maybe even randomise them):

This was all i could think of, if u guys got more ideas please share them, i would be interested.

What to u guys think about this?

as always have a lovely day

This section is just interesting but u dont need to read it.
While under the shower i found the reson why maps get messy in some senarios.
If the number of spaces to challange is higher than the number of players at the front maps get messy.

In this senario there are 4 spaces but only 3 players to take them. (Map gets messy)
In my suggestet senario there are 2 spaces and 4 players those 2 spaces get subdevidet into 4 spaces. If the number of spaces matches the number of players or can be multiplied into that number the map gets easy to predict. (not messy)
Well we could now calculate the number of uniqe senarios and name them if we wanted to but thats kinda pointless. xD


DANG you must be able to type 200 words a min


No, I can type that fast. I just don’t cuz i’m almost only on an iPad.


It would be easier if jump and brake just get a nerf in teams.


I dont think so. I think its currently not possibile to change the values of a module for a gamemode. That may be the reson why we havent seen a change jet and why geert suggested to nerf them for both gamemodes.
Changing the coordinates of the spawn shoudent take long at all. And could be just a matter of changing parameters.

This also fixes the coordination problems. A coodination meta will be etablishes at some point in some way like i proposed anyway. So we can skip this step alltogether and get to the more interesting games.
Also players that are new to teams can learn way quicker how to play the start.
There is no downside to this from what i can see atm.


Traitor spawns would suck if you were that dude cuz the opposing team would just sandwich and kill u


fully support angelov in this matter changing up spawns doesnt change the late round meta game imho just nerf jump +2 second and brake +2 seconds
changing spawns would actually make it worse because when more players are alive the map gets “messier” faster


Easier is not always better. But I agree that they need a small nerf, but ONLY IN TEAMS. The FFA is balanced right now and it would be thrown out of control with a jump and brake nerf.


tbh Idc about the spawn I like it the way it is…