Teams Sneak Peak



Coming soon!


Oof how soon is soon?



I can see little skulls above the curve


Also red vs blue team *-*


to quote @Rojoss : “this year” Oof


Aww man I’m gassed, looks like 3 shots = death or path ending = death and I’m hoping that last surviving wins points for the team. Ooh and maybe some level of points stolen from overall team points. @Line @theangelov what you think?


This looks cool, but keep FFA in the game. @Line @theangelov what you think?


I w8 for this :smiley:


I think teammates should be the same colour and they would have points together and race to like 1000 :heart_eyes::wink: So from whoever u steal, u will steal from the whole team not 1 player :grin:


The borders are gone? :o


SO. READY. FOR. THIS. Bring on the update A$AP, ty.


Actually killing someone like in the og days? :heart_eyes: heck yea, i would be up for it :joy: wanna team up? :smirk:

Also if this is from a play test, green is 100% geert :joy:


we are getting closer