Teaming and Aiming


I have noticed this in almost all of my games…

Whenever, i’m first, people type in the chat, comments like,
“Go for Red” or “I’ll get you Blue”

And Once, I lost -128 points when I was first because of teaming, unluckily, i dont have it’s replay so sorry, but this is true, please make a feature that if anyone types teaming in it, they get kicked off the game. I lost all the way from Gold 4 to Gold 2 because of this, so I had to go TRYHARD SWETT


We all have experienced teaming/aiming like u mentioned,i propose that the leader gets some kind of immunity for a few seconds till everybody can defend ourselves in a better position,i know this wont be a final solution,but is one step forward to


Yep, i think the devs should take this into consideration


That has happened to me also, I hope they do something.


I agree


Just do something strategic to get them away. If you can’t, there was nothing you really could do :P.

There’s really no solution but to work yourself back up!

And remember, these unexpected moments are somewhat the foundation for the fun of the game. Or, well, in this case, rage, then fun.



Thanks for the advice :grinning:


I personally have witnessed teaming even in ffa finals,its like cyclism, join with ur best teammates and try to succeed by sacrifying them


If this issue gets solved, I am never going to quit this game.

GUYS! Think outside the box for a solution!


I’ll tell u in advance what devs/members will say to u,there is nothing we can do for u at the moment,this problem happens in cf2 aswell,but i want a solution like u xd


Yep, But If we Rebel (Not the right term but whatever) We might be able to come up with a solution


Teaming is essentially inclined in the game mode itself. It is a good strat to do and with the stealing of points as percentages, it is essentially motivated.

However, I think that there should be a difference between ad-hoc teaming (you go for the leader but not necessarily do this with a fixed mate) or when you plan it in advance. (When we play together we don’t shoot each other…)

As for the ad-hoc teaming, I think that this is ok, but there could be some solutions:

  1. Don’t let players interact with each other
  2. Make a different game mode (teams) where you have a shared goal

However, I have to note that if you are skilled, and people try to hunt you, that is often actually beneficial to the hunted, as he gets more opportunities to steal points as well.


As Geert mentioned being hunted isn’t too bad, if you run at first from the teams until one fever/mine yea even shot is loaded they are pretty close to you and you are almost certain to hit them.

A other strategy us not being first, some players try to be a close second a d while the first is getting attacked all round the second can farm up points and win easily.

As for tournaments teaming is forbidden.

A teammode is definitely necessary… players asked for it almost since the beginning…


Since Geert gave us some info, I will see that as the solution :wink: Closed

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