Team Mode = More Leavers



Team mode is fun: TRUE!

But leavers ruin 50% of the games. Find a way to avoid leavers. Let’s say someone who leave 2 games in the last 10 minutes must be banned for 1 day. Something like that. Thanks!
And, most of all, let me chose between Classic mode (where I don’t care about leavers) and Team mode (where leavers are the evil and can even be put there by opponent team to cheat).
What I call leavers are those who abandon the game before the end.


1 day is a bit excesive, 20-30 minutes would be fine aswell


I think most leavers just are just new players and don’t exactly understand what to do, so they leave. Perhaps explaining them how the game works would already be enough effort. I mean the game should just explain them how to play.
Maybe developers could add these yellow exclamation marks like on discord when you register a new account. Idk


True that it lacks of some explanations. I personally lose my first team game because it was very confusing what to do and what to avoid to do. Same with colors, once the round has start, it’s sometimes very hard to know if the guy in front of you is a “friend” or an “opponent”. In CF2 there was not any problem since there was not so much extra colors. I hope devs will upgrade all that very soon. For the moment it’s fun if nobody leaves. Cross fingers each times…


I left and still got gold crate because my team won. This should not happen. Sometimes I have to leave in the middle of game. Team mode is not fair.:frowning_face:


Yeah, I actually don’t understand. In FFA you [I mean devs ofc] already had the “dummy match” implemented against bots which introduces new players to the game in more harmless manner. What is the obstacle of doing exactly the same for teams? The bots are already implemented, they could just play exactly the same as they did*.

I see it often, new players just don’t have time to understand, they either leave quickly or spend the whole 1st match asking what it means that one circle has an “attack” label and the other the “donate” label and how you get 100 points and so on.

(* Of course, it would mean the bots would not try to attack the enemy base, or donate, or actually do anything useful from the Team-mode perspective. But so what? The point is anyway (and always was, in FFA, judging by how the bots were implemented) to make the newcomer win this match no matter how bad they play - so bots who play Teams thinking that they play FFA is a perfect way to ensure this :smiley: )


When I was playing with 2 bronze players vs 2 bronze and 1 silver my teammate left the game so I vote for this idea


what if there was a penalty of sorts for leaving?

I am not talking killing the rank of the person(or robot) that chooses to leave mid battle. but maybe some sort of advantage for the team that is now outnumbered.

it could be a buff of the core points or maybe some bonus when calculating the final score


This might actually be a good idea! Playing with leavers is not fun at all…

My top tip for the day: Find some players u like to play with, add them and only play with them … makes things a lot easier.

Also for those who want to play FFA, you still can and in the future there will be an option for sure to play both in quickplay!


Haha :eyes:
It’s still there and new users get some instructions as well.

As for the topic we have thought about this and we know it’s an issue but we first wanna try some more stuff with the gamemode itself before we start adding extra stuff like that.
We could punish people for abandoning matches, replace the disconnected players with bots or make it so having players left doesn’t affect the gameplay as much.
Ideas are always welcome of course but it won’t be implemented any time soon probably.


I think if 1 team has gone down to 1 player, the other team shouldn’t get 100 points each for survival, because they’ve only survived against 1 person…And maybe the outnumbering teams crystal could half in points or something too?


Half in points would be a little harsh. I still think that an increased survival might do the trick!

3 players get 100 each for surviving (0 leavers)
2 players get 150 each for surviving (1 leaver)
1 player gets 300 for surviving (2 leavers)


I like this idea, it might not be the best possible one but it’s so simple and non-harming (as leavers are not punished so far) that it could actually be implemented right now and then only afterwards the Devs might start finding some time to think about more comprehensive solutions.


It is rather helping the remaining teammates, then punishing the leaver but yeah might be a quick solution :joy:


Yeah, that’s what I meant. If it punished leavers it would need a lot of thoughts for if it’ll not do more harm, and as @Rojoss said it wouldn’t be any time soon as they have more important things to spend time on.

With this solution, it doesn’t need almost any time to be implemented, and while discussion “Whether that’s the best solution” would take a lot of time from the devs, it’s pretty clear that “This solution is either better or not-worse than the existing one” is true - so it could be just added and make an improvement before the discussions on the final solution start.


I was in a match today where both of my team mates left the game.
And they left with roughly half of our collective hp. So an idea for future updates could be an auto-donate function. For people leaving.
and btw I won the match :stuck_out_tongue: