Team Mode Incoming!



Hello there!

I recently heard from Geert, God of, that the devs were interested in adding in a Team Mode as a way to make the game more social.

Beware: All I am about to say is regarding Version 1.4.10 and the potential Team Mode.

This is a very interesting mode, suggested to me by lethean and Legolas.

EDIT: It’s a totally original idea. I promise. Lethean and Legolas, please do NOT comment on this.

So essentially, each player collects points for their own team. While curves could be of different colors, possibly because of skins or curve patterns(see suggestion #16 below), the color of each ship will be based on the team color.

Of course, people will inevitably want to be on the same team with friends. However, teams will have to be balanced, so that somebody with over 3 million friends can’t all be on the same team.

Possible solutions are:

  1. Randomly/alternatingly assign people to teams. This might be unfavorable for those who wish to be on teams with their friends, however. Base it off of averange skill level for the team to balance them.

  2. Let players choose a team. A team is locked, however, if it’s already on full capacity. This could, of course, cause team stacking problems and unbalanced skill level(all the pros on one sida and all the noobs AHEM – clears throat I totally meant to say newbies – on the other.)

  3. Let players choose who they want on their team by clicking on them on the lobby. Then, make an AI that balances average rank with players’ preferences(average rank so that the team skill levels are relatively balanced). Possibly the best and most satisfying solution. However, developing such an AI with proper optimizations could be difficult.

The great thing about team mode, which lethean pointed out – I MEAN I POINTED OUT, NOT HIM – was that there are so many possibilities with this mode.

For example, new modules that buff your teammates’ defense for some time, and such. Possibly something that increases the duration of hide self if a teammate has one. These sorts of interactions between players is another avenue opened by this mode. Furthermore, to balance teams, perhaps each team has a possibility of only 3 total fever modules/mines?

There should also be a separate team chat, and teaming on specific enemy pros will be easier as well. Also, there could be Combo Bananas. I mean, just Combos. If two different people hit the same enemy in quick succession, it could result in extra points for the team.

Of course, this warrants a way to prepare your modules before the round. The team mode could separate you and two teammates into a room similar to a custom one, where you could talk amongst one another and decide on powers and such, such as support powers, etc. Once all players have “Clickety-clacked to ready up,” then the teams will FIGHT until one gets a total of 700 points. The end. No cliffhanger here, sorry.

Then, of course, there sould be prizes for both teams. Depending on how much you stole from enemies, supported other teammates, and such, you might unlock other team powers. This is because just because on team lost doesn’t mean that they didn’t try their best, so they should receive prizes as well. However, the quality of their prizes would be based on how close the teams were.

In-game, each person can only converse with their own team. That way the enemies won’t figure out if the person has told his or her teammates to target a specific person. Also, no one can throw insults at their enemies.

Support powers should include:

  1. Unbroken: Taking in a teammate’s fever. If one or both of your teammates have a fever, you can use this support power to receive the fever(if two teammates are infected, then the AI will select a random teammate whose fever you will take). This doesn’t stop the fact that the your teammate lost points, but if it’s a fever that could take your teammate down due to its effect, or if you are willing to protect the teammate by taking in the fever, then it is effective. Of course, it affects your end-game prizes.

  2. Vanguard: Buffing defense for all your teammates. This adds 200 to teammate defense.

  3. Juggernaut: Buffing attack for your teammates. Only works for those who have attack powers.

  4. Spy: Increasing the duration of hide self by one second for a teammate who currently has hide self activated.

  5. Defender: Put a shield on both teammates(but not yourself) for 1.5 seconds. Helps if a teammate is about to run into mines.

  6. Immolation: Resurrect a teammate by turning yourself into a turret. If both teammates are turrets already, then the one with the highest total attack is chosen. The teammate’s turret flashes white for 3 seconds after you activate this module to warn your teammate that he/she will resurrect.

7: Gunman: Buffs any turrets of your team. Increases their attack by 100%, and their rocket turn rate by 100%, and rocket speed by 50%. However, the turrets are vulnerable to losing points when this is activated. Lasts 5 seconds.

  1. Gas Fever: If a teammate lost any points within 4 seconds ago, they will regain half of them. If not, then the teammate has a gas radius around it that makes enemies lose 100 defense if within the radius.

  2. Brake Fever: Aim at tight spots. If a teammate runs into it, he/she will brake. Enemies will be unaffected.

  3. Supercharge Sacrifice: Charges up your teammates’ powers at the cost of you being unable to use your powers for 5 seconds.

Well, nice. Of course, there’ll be modifications needed to all of these. I really hope the devs see this!



As always with your posts:

  • interesting
  • too long :joy:
  • too complicated

Lets start with an easy teammode. Just 2 teams, players choose the team on which they want to be (even out the teams is a weird idea, most players just want to play with their friends and making it random would be bad). Each team gets points for survival and stealing from the other team.

Basta, nothing more. The rest is nice dont get me wrong, but way too much for this early stage.

Just my honest opinion.



Thanks for your post!

I know I detail it too much and should really leave most of it to the devs :slight_smile:

I agree with two teams, 3 per team or 4 per team.

Maybe you can choose who you’d prefer to be on your team, and an AI would optimize balancing and player preferences.


2 players per team is just as good. And an i would not bother with balancing. Players did that in the past (see CF2) and when u r not happy with the teams you can always leave the game :joy: but balancing in team modes would really destroy the concept of being a TEAM


Makes sense, actually. If you can communicate and work together well, then you’re a Team.

Then, the prizes/rewards need to be balanced so that if you lose, it won’t give you a bad reward if the other Team was super pro compared to you(unless you all were in the same league. In that case, your team losing would reflect your own lack of skill).


That happens now as well with quickgames. A silver doesnt lose so much when paired with gms. But if he wins he gets massive rewards. That can just be the same in teamgames wouldnt you agree.



I do agree :slight_smile:


Furthermore, from Geert regarding Team Modes(not my post specifically, but Team Modes anyways):

“I love the idea of team games.”

Short and sweet. You can find the context at What about a TEAM MODE?.


Yes please add team mode and those new powers I think it will make the game more interesting


This is an original idea… except it was in CF2???



No, it’s not original, that’s the joke.



Thanks for your reply!