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i love Mezzanine so much but this one is also very good. Listening to this for the 1st time.


100th Window >>> Mezzanine >>> Heligoland >>> Blue Lines

and btw:

Aenima >>> Lateralus >>> Undertow >>> 10000 Days


for me :-
Salival >= 10000days > Aenima > Lateralus


A really awesome mix that we havent had in a long time!


Dutch song but still great! Often play it in the car c:



This song is like most of our years (maybe)



tell me where you have heard this before if it is familiar also if you cant put your finger on it wait till about 0:55


Profanity/Swearing warning.


Forced Entry - Leprous

The best breakdown in the history of breakdowns.


Good stuff here guys, LOVE EDM (ELECTRIC DANCE MUSIC)

BEST EDM DJs are HARDWELL, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Afrojack, KSHMR, Tiesto, and listen to Hardwell best on March on air! Very good!!!


Since this died, lemme rescue this topic