SYM - Share Your Music!



Im glad that u like it @meow ,i have hundreds of favorites songs like everyone, differents genres that varies according my mood xd etc


It’s a long show but just amazing, I really recommend watching the whole thing.


Kind of ‘old’ but I really like to play this song while in the car ^^


you will like this.
for ed sheeran fans :-

best tracks (imo)
1.) simple pleasures
2.) two fingers


this brought me back to the old feelings xd


northern downpour



I just adore this band as a whole but recently I’ve been really into this song in particular :black_heart: !


One of my favourites


Where are the Xmas songs?!?! :santa::christmas_tree::santa::christmas_tree::santa::snowman_with_snow:
Only 20 nights left! (For most ppl :yum:)


I’m more of a grinch guy. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
this song is kind of sick (super weird)


My current favorite song:

Probably something like this. So mostly lofi hiphop/ instrumental. Really easy to listen to. A bit repetitive, but I guess I like it that way. For me it’s kind of soothing and pleasing to the ear, ironic, cause it says LoFi instead of HiFi :grin:

This is the playlist I’m listening to frequently:




congrats, you are officially a 9yo!






omg Born in Winter is muh jam
this thread needs MOAR HEVVY :CCC



Awesome mashup


The song of Moscow shall be within you!

(Dang it, why are foreign songs so catchy?
In America, we have bad hip hop :smile: )