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I love music from Mario Party 3 (and all of the other Mario and Sonic games with good music). I never played it (nor with the very other Mario and Sonic games), but the other people’s experiences with the game gave me an urge to ask my parents for the game.

My favorite music track out of the game might have been ‘On Your Toes’ because it’s an expression of joy and benevolence. Then again, I’d prefer ‘Fighting Spirit’ because it’s more appropriate for an intense match with other players, but it does have a sense of friendly competition.



Easily my favorite song of all time:


wait frick wrong song


I ACTUALLY meant this one


frick wrong one again

idk i cant find my song but I already put my other favorites w/ my alt so it’s probably fairly pointless



Really cool video actually



Beautiful tribute <3




Such a calming music and a beautifull lyrics <3


okay, these are real one




I think this is the best song of the new album from Imagine Dragons


This is an older hit but this live performance … it’s really goooood <3


[Celeste OST (Spectacular 2d platformer, everyone should try it) (



Just some chill music