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It’s not just a song, it’s a lifestyle



Old but gold :heart_eyes:

Layla - Eric Clapton





Put link.


Oh, so it was that easy lol. Thx :slight_smile:


Do you like biggie?


Compiled a quick playlist with some of my favorite artists. Even though I listen and collect stuff from all around, I end up leaning towards; rock, electronic, industrial, and rap music. Kept the list to just artists I have multiple albums from and consistently listen to, with the exception of a few stand out singles I find myself coming back to.

The playlist was meant to just be topic videos, since those’re pure uploads of the music vs the sometimes questionable uploads from random users. Unfortunately, topic videos are blocked in a lot of countries; so if they’re blocked for you, just skip halfway in the playlist to find a non-topic version of the same list. :sweat_smile:


just listen this masterpiece
i love her innocence


just take a look this one




Farid Bang :joy: srsly @Ozzzj listen to this one :joy:


Only for 6ix9ine xD



Biggie is cool Raper. try to l.isten " I’ll be missing you The Notorius Big and 2pac.