SYM - Share Your Music!





It’s not just a song, it’s a lifestyle



Old but gold :heart_eyes:

Layla - Eric Clapton





Put link.


Oh, so it was that easy lol. Thx :slight_smile:


Do you like biggie?


just listen this masterpiece
i love her innocence


just take a look this one




Farid Bang :joy: srsly @Ozzzj listen to this one :joy:


Only for 6ix9ine xD



Biggie is cool Raper. try to l.isten " I’ll be missing you The Notorius Big and 2pac.


I love music from Mario Party 3 (and all of the other Mario and Sonic games with good music). I never played it (nor with the very other Mario and Sonic games), but the other people’s experiences with the game gave me an urge to ask my parents for the game.

My favorite music track out of the game might have been ‘On Your Toes’ because it’s an expression of joy and benevolence. Then again, I’d prefer ‘Fighting Spirit’ because it’s more appropriate for an intense match with other players, but it does have a sense of friendly competition.