SYM - Share Your Music!



Hellow everyone!

Since I wanna get to know you a little better, I have another crazy idea. We all have our favorite song, this might differ each day, week, month! It would be cool if we can share our music based on what we like at the moment :slight_smile:

Feel free to post the song you listen to the most down below, I’ll start :smiley:

Your Favorite Music? Forum Game

i’ve been waiting this topic for a long time ago,sadly i cant post my fav,i have too much songs in my mind


Great idea and nice song! :3




nice troll song,i get your humor,shoul have more reactions emojis than the current heart


its not a troll man

tbh i wasn’t sure what to pick.
I have 200 songs that i can paste here

#8 @Caracoleh767 :stuck_out_tongue:


ok this is my fav song ( last 3 day’s fav though)


Not sure I’d call it my favorite song or even a song I listen to that often; but it’s one that’s stuck with me for a while.


one and only


anja will sue u by copyrights :joy:



I’m mostly listening a game OSTs and right now i’m listening A Hat in Time OSTs (you should try this game if you haven’t :heart: )


As well as the

Thank you and good night!!!


Fortnite music lol

#17 :slight_smile:


maybe not my favourite song but definitely my fav PT song…
also Gavin Harrison is life :heart:


Because I find random game and I heard this music . :star_struck:


But I also use it: :upside_down_face:

Mostly for trolling