Survival is so gliched



Survival if some one joins late in the starting game point then they will have point stealing combos. I have played with people and that has happened. it is really stupid they need to fix that.

this is a bad glitch


this has happened to a lot of people


way to much lag in the game


you copied my topic


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can i flag you


your going to be attacked by devs now since you copied me and there probably going to close this topic since i created the same thing first


NOOOO! and no you cant flag me


i wont flag you and since im not a developer, i can’t stop you from being attacked


wth am i reading


stupid stuff is what ur reading


me and pugdude are school friends


y would you say that bro


because were both in 6th grade


Hello @TechnicBucket , if you see a topic like this: called a duplicate, just link the existing topic.
That makes it easier for everyone to understand and we (the mods) can close or merge the topics.


I think he knows that already


i didn’t


me and technicbucket are friends anyway


ya now i say that because its more funny that way hahahahahahahahahaha lol


the school day is almost over