Survival Bonus - Thoughts?


How about the idea that the last player standing in each round gets a round survival bonus - like an extra 10 points? It would reward the player who survives the hardest part of the round (when there are the most curves), provide an incentive to survive and somewhat discourage suicide. Has this been tried before in previous versions of the game? I’m sure there are problems with the idea - I’d like to hear them. How do you think it would change gameplay (if at all)? Just curious more than anything…


Interesting idea. I like that you want to favor surviving instead of suiciding. The only issue I have with this, is that the difference between 1st and 2nd is huge compared to the difference between let’s say 2nd and 3rd.

Also imagine a smaller room with like 3 people. Then an extra 10 points would be crucial.


Yeah - look, i’m not so fond when it gets down to 3 or 2 person in the room so anything to speed that along wouldn’t be so bad :wink: I agree that if it’s a close 1st, 2nd and 3rd then 2nd gets sold a little short - but I thought perhaps it would at least add another ‘goal’ in the game - something to aspire to. I was worried it might encourage camping however…


That could be the case :joy: camping however is not bad imo it is a valid strategy


When I was reading older stuff in the forum I thought it perhaps was a dislike of camping that had set us on the offensive/interactive path we’re on right now…


Obviously some people don’t like the camping but since there are fevers and mines and long range weapons in general it is pretty much impossible to camp anyways XD