Sunday night high ranked customs


Hey guys,
Lately I’ve been struggling to find games with other GMs, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Most of the time there are at least 3 GMs online, but all in different rooms. In an effort to create some truly challenging games, I’ve come up with this idea: Sunday night high ranked customs. The main idea would be:

  • A custom room is created every sunday night at 8:00 CET (tournament time)
  • GMs only
  • Always ranked
  • No turrets
  • Slightly different rules each week
  • You can join and leave at any time, no signup required

So yeah if you are interested, please leave a comment saying so :slight_smile:
If someone wants to do the same thing for diamond/gold rooms, please say so as well and maybe we can organize it together. The first edition would be next week, if there is enough interest. Thanks for reading and please spread the word!


Oh and if you have any question/suggestions, please let me know!!


Well, I’m definitely interested!


Why don’t you start today? :joy: maybe we can find 6 gm’s
Great idea tho :heart:


Why don’t we start now? :thinking:


I didn’t know if there would be enough people on such a short notice and I didn’t want the first edition to flop lol but we could definitely start tonight, I’m in!


yes (Y)


I am in as well… and it would be nice today :smiley:


Ok I think we’ve got enough people to give it a go tonight :slight_smile: I’ll create a room around 8:00 CET


Great first GM meeting :heart: we had kinda everything … some trolling (mainly me with speed jump against 5 gms :joy:) some tryhards (ambroz :kissing_heart:) some ragequits (:joy:) some unpredictable players (nick :see_no_evil:) and a wonderfull organisation team (Matti :muscle:)


Would love to take part in the next one! :grin:
This is such a great idea!!


Was really cool today!


I will try to rank up to get to play next time! :smiley:


It would be a great idea: Having a certain group of CFP Players play in an exclusive event for every day(s) of the week (Ex: Paper & Bronze for Monday-Tuesday, Gold for Wednesday-Thursday, and Diamond & Grand Master for Friday-Sunday).


And a diamond noob called @Noodles :joy:


Next sunday will be winner chooses! The first game will be any items, but after that the winner gets to decide for each item what type(s) it can be (types are shot, mine, fever, passive) and the gamemode (pickups or not). Hopefully we can get as many people as last time :smiley:


Oh so you can’t choose specific combos? Like idk oneshot + jump?


I generally don’t like choosing specific items because not everyone might have them, and also cause it can be annoying to be forced to play items you hate. But these are more general guidelines than strict rules so we can just decide while we play :wink:


Hmm thanks @Line … am I tryhard cause I got so muck rank or what? :kissing_closed_eyes::rofl:


ofc :joy: