Summer Contest 2022



Hi everyone! I’m back to host another contest. :star_struck: This time it will be a curve drawing contest, summer themed :sun_with_face: .

The rules are simple:

  • You agree with both Discord Terms and Services and our own Community Guidelines!
  • Static Image (not animated).
  • Any and all powers (including none) are allowed in order to draw your image!
  • Any image size is accepted, the bigger the better.
  • No re-submissions are allowed so make sure to send me only your final drawing!
  • No copying of other players work/submissions and you are not allowed to resubmit a drawing you submitted in a previous contest. Original creations only!
  • You cannot share your submissions publicly. If you do, you will be immediately disqualified.
  • You are not allowed to ask friends to explicitly vote for your submission, or make alts to vote for your submission(s). This also results in being disqualified.
  • No editing of images is allowed.
  • You are NOT allowed to vote for your own submission.

You can draw whatever you want as long as it is summer themed! So you can draw your favorite ice-cream :ice_cream: or a nice sunny beach :beach_umbrella: or some other creative summer themed thing you come up with :sunrise_over_mountains: . Every participant is allowed to submit :two: drawings!

:1st_place_medal: - 300 gems + contest winner badge
:2nd_place_medal: - 250 gems
:3rd_place_medal: - 200 gems
4th - 175 gems
5th - 150 gems
6th -125 gems
7th - 100 gems
8th - 75 gems
9th & 10th - 50 gems

You can submit your drawing on discord (anya#4844) or on the forum (anja).
You can submit your drawings until 2022-08-14T18:00:00Z
Voting closes Sunday, 2022-08-21T18:00:00Z


This contest being summer themed is not representing our fellow Curve players who live in the southern hemisphere.


Maybe you can do winter theme.


If I draw/create a work digitally, am I allowed to edit that? Or is this contest IRL paper drawings only?

You can submit your gif on discord (anya#4844) or on the forum (anja).

I will submit my gif.


man I really thought I changed that :smile: mb


it’s suppost to be drawn in the game, here is an example of my easter submission:

so it’s fully digital and no edits allowed except for cropping the screen ofcourse


bro i wanted a skin competition :frowning:


I think I emailed you on discord but I have never used it before pls tell me if I have managed and if not how to


can i get 10th or 9th even if i win like 2nd cause i only neeed 20 gems xd


Good evening my artsy curvers! :cfp: Yeah yeah all fun and games these tours, but this was the place to show your true skill… this Summer’s Drawing Contest! :sunglasses: And you all DELIVERED. My personal favourite was the ‘Let’s Go Hiking!’ drawing by Piratenparty, oh well I couldn’t vote :cry: Enough talking, the Curve Collective has decided! :fire: I present you the SUMMER CONTEST 2022 TOP 10! :fire:

1ST Elochka :art: Dolphy - 300 gems
2ND @Lagtop#0848 :art: Wine and Grapes - 250 gems
3RD dragon.exe :art: Palm Tree Paradise - 200 gems
4TH @SHEEP :art: Turtle - 175 gems
5TH @Rynx :art: Martini - 150 gems
5TH @Rypherio :art: Octopus - 150 gems
5TH Elochka :art: Curve Ship - 150 gems
8TH @jafi01 :art: Squid - 75 gems
9TH @Piratenparty :art: Set sail - 50 gems
9TH @Bantonaut :art: Ice coup - 50 gems

Some submissions received the same amount of votes, so a total of 10 submissions receive a price. Please let me know on which account you want to receive your prize :slight_smile: Gems will be gently placed in your wallet very soon. Full voting results will follow tomorrow. Lasts me to say: thank you all for participating and go spend those gems on the vampire skin :smiling_imp: