Suggestion: Spectator Turrets



A thought occurred to me in a popular pickups game with 4 spectators: just to add to the chaos that private rooms can be, what if there was an option to enable turrets for spectators? At the start of each round, 1 turret per spectator would be placed around the edge of the map. Points stolen by the turrets would either dissipate or be given to a random player. Like the existing turrets, this would be an optional switch off by default.


That would be cool but what if there is alot of spectators because once i had 11 specs


Plz no, already enought annoying turrets like that lol


I think turrets in general should be removed from the game, but that is just my opinion.


yes yes yes, #bantheturret


@p.peti should I make a petition? :joy:


definitely, just make sure, you don’t cross a @Line :joy: :joy:


Why y’all not like turrets lol. I always brings me joy seeing like 4 turrets going after one person. Plus as stated this would be completely optional.


It punishes the surviving people.
I usually survive long, so i often get attacked by turrets, and i get so annoyed of it. I can’t really focus on the remaining opponents and curving, because these sh*ts are all around the place.

Also me, personally don’t even use turrets, when i die. It’s also annoying to use it.

And last, it gives a bullsh*t tactics opportunity. E.g. a player has 247, so he jus has to die, and hit 3 turrets. He has the whole round for it. And you can’t do anything to stop it. Or, another example, you fight the hell out of yourself, then 1v1, playfield is full, you have 240, you could win if you survive (which often requires good curving skills), but no, a turret comes, lol 239 in the last moment, so you finish with 249. That is a moment, when i want to smash my keyboard…


Completely agree with peti.

I would also add that they make you jump for a moment and can influence gameplay by that. Also some powers like mines will not steal if a player gets hit by a turret shortly before going into the mine. Those are obviously rare but it happens.


I’m going to have to disagree, but for other reasons.

Turrets can be frustrating in some ways and can break abilities, but are a fun way (when you’re not being targeted by them) to change the course of the game when you die. However, I don’t believe spectators, which don’t participate in the entirety of the game at all, should be able to make or break someone’s rightful place.

Looking back at your original post, I wouldn’t really mind this being an option in private rooms, but I can’t see a practical plus for this addition.


In my opinion, it can also work in your favor. If you see somebody can win by the situation you described, you can try to turret him so you get another round to win yourself.

True, but usually, a player only does this when he’s up by a (huge) mile. Otherwise, (and even if he is so much ahead), suiciding to turret 3 points is still a risk.
You might also ask yourself, why would a player decide to turret 3 more points if he’s up by so much? There’s sometimes no point in trying to hit another player for +10 if he could get hit and lose -35. In my opinion, it’s a valid tactic, not a bullsh*t one. Sucks for the player who couldn’t win though. But he’s to blame for that in the earlier rounds, not that last one.

Again, valid point. But personally, I use turret hits to jump lines or ‘dismantle’ bombs just laying on the field. It’s a valid tactic, and more importantly a valid skill. It also ‘feels’ good when I succeed in doing so.

After some time playing, I enjoy using turrets. It’s a fun thing to keep myself occupied when I die. I agree, it gets annoying when you get hit 5 times by a turret, but you only lose -1 per turret, not 1% or 2%, which is already a big improvement.

In my opinion, turrets can stay the way they are now.


True! It happened several times with me: I couldn’t zap someone because he got turret at the same time. He was really lucky there :joy:


The fact, that i also can use it, doesn’t make it less bullsh*t…

If you have almost 250, and you get zapped, ot hit by a scatter, you can lose 50 ponts, which makes a 100 points difference. And now that big difference is a tie. And this often makes people to commit suicide, or die and use turrets. So, the huge stealing numbers and turrets together make this a valid tactic. And i don’t support any of them.
Also he’s to blame in the earlier rounds? Maybe, but right now, with a little luck, a bad player can easily be the leader against way better players.

As for me, not the stealing points matter the most, but the distraction. These sh*ts are constantly coming from everywhere, doesn’t matter if it hits, or not, i get very annoyed by turrets swarming around me.

And people need some minigame, while they are dead? Pff, git gud, and don’t die so early! :smiley:


I think turrets are ok-ish even if I don’t like them. On the other hand I still believe all powers and I mean ALL steal too much.


@p.peti really needs to learn how to use commas… XD It’s sad to see someone trying to argue their point when they can’t even use grammar properly… :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t take this offensively! :wink: Just, maybe learn how to use commas? :slight_smile:

This one is the best! XD (He’s trying to insult someone and he sounds like a little kid! :P)
“And people need some minigame, while they are dead? Pff, git gud, and don’t die so early!” <- TOO MANY COMMAS! XD


This. :slight_smile:


Actually you could use that many commas in a correct sentence. It brings some additional pauses and emphasizes the drama in the statement. Very theatrically, love it :joy:


Your comment is way more unintelligent and childish, than writing one more comma, but yes, keep up posting constructive comments like this!