Suggest Powers



This is a place where you can post your own curve fever power(s) idea :smiley:
I dont want this place to be toxic :frowning:
Ok have fun :speak_no_evil:


Tripleshot would be nice :slight_smile:


I think the game does not need anymore powers.

Ban the person above you!

I agree.


More powers would make the game more interesting, and increase the complexity. New powers are always welcome, as curve-blind will be leaving the power list soon. Hopefully, we see a new power with an extremely interesting mechanic.


What about a frag grenade, that fires buckshot which break wall but have a time bomb mechanic


OMG YES I did an article about this! They were toxic tho…

Anyway these are mine:

Chaingun : controlled shooting (limited ammo) by holding down the button
Plow : go through lines while making a wide path around you for a limited time (basically a more powerful power dash)
Invisible Fever (for teams): a fever to make your fellow teammates invisible!
Thin fever (for teams): a fever to make your fellow teammates thin!
Thick fever (upgrade): makes you thick, but also makes you invulnerable to shots (if you’re bigger you’re more powerful, right?)
Warp : lets you warp through the game walls for a limited time


actually, on second thought, the new teleport is basically just my warp idea xd (these are a bit old)


Mr.Li thats a very good idea :slight_smile:


LGCY thats also a good one :sunny: