Stuck at loading server 24th Jan 2021 Connection Lost


I’m defo connected to the net, because- hey look! This post worked.

Is someone updating the game right now- or have the servers finally crashed forever?

Also, while I’m at it, check out Limnetic Villains on Bandcamp for some music that supports cancer research.



hahaha just spam retry it works for me


I’ve been clicking retry for 10 minutes. Like an obsessive compulsive.


u on US server or UK?


I’m in Drunkland, left of England, with a problematic UK hat on top.


oh that might be y it doesn’t work…


I doubt it. Neither Firefox or Chrome connects. Was kicking ass and taking names earlier. I’ll just have to try playing the offline version, which is sticking different coloured crayons in between your knuckles and moving your hands in weird shapes, it’s not as good, but I need my fix.


nonono i’m on the game now


I’ll delete my biscuits and try again.


Not connecting on different devices either, very strange, I have one last thing to try, using the net via Nivida G Force Now, as a test.


Ah, i was right, game was being updated, now everyone is being booted from games, needs a bit of time. 57




Someone is currently flooding the servers.
They will be unresponsive for an unknown time period.
Sorry for the inconvenience but right now we can not do a lot about it.


I drained it :+1:

(not actually) :confused: