Strange Skin


Today i played at custom server and i saw a gray skin!.. How to get it? I really want it!


It’s the disconnected skin (shouldn’t actually ever see this).
You can not get it.


*prepares to code grey skin
Thats what he really ment


That’s bad… we have a pink skin but we haven’t got gray, maybe you should add this to game?.. it looks like a satellite


I want a white one :slight_smile:


ahhh now I really want it :rofl:


I would like to see a color like this one

If the developers add it and the price is for under €7.5, i’ll definitely buy it!


Pls ,add more skins for a lower price ,iwill buy them xd


they should make white color for paper user lol


We should get an exclusive skin, but then everyone will get paper. So just us OG bois.


a gold or silver skin like in cf2. they look so dope.


I’m not sure about the price part, but I love it!