Story of your username!


Ok so, this is how I got my username:
So me and my friends are like role playing a family or something
One of them is my husband and one is my child (Im not weird haha)
So we found this game, and we thought it might be a good idea to make our usernames our role in the family, so that’s where the name Mom came from…
Every time we play a game together, we role play and say funny things and stuff…


xD lol


CVET in almost every Slavic language means a flower. I use this nickname because these are the first 4 letters of my last name.


It’s been 1 year since I changed my OS from windows to Linux. While I was reading about how linux works, I came across a term Xorg (Search it up if you want to know what it is). I thought it was pretty cool sounding so I kept it as my username with a little change that was write ‘0’(zero) instead of ‘O’ (the alphabet), thus the name x0rg.


Mine is just ‘Guest’ in medieval Icelandic (Gestur in modern Icelandic). I use it all over the place as its rarely taken but is oddly personal and anonymous at the same time.


My name is FireWizard. My favorite animal is a lizard and it rhymes with Wizard. Also I like burning things, like my moms purse. I am just joking. I picked it cause it was cringy but dumb. Wait… that is a bad thing. I think I should change my user name. It should be LizardBurner72


I have linux!!!


When I was young, I watched a lot of youtube and I realized how iconic some channel names were, so I decided to make a username that I would use for everything that would really represent me… Then this happened…:joy:


shortened version of my actual name lol




My username origin: From looking at my profile pic you can tell that my fave band is Imagine Dragons. Their newest song is “Zero” hence the Zero is my name. I’m a science nerd, especially in astronomy, which is where “Tonight” comes from, since on the blackest of nights you can see no stars,.


angelo haha


O - from Oskar
Z - from Zorro
Z - from Zalando
Z - from Zupa ogórkowa
J - from Jabadabadu


OH I really though you just smashed a keyboard im sorry @Ozzzj


Golden - Surname
And cuz in the 1st week of playing CFP I had gold 2 or something…
T - Tomek
h - hamburger
e - exocraft
And also The is just a The




And also I just played Castle Crashers and there is a pet called Golden Whale


Oh my god, I also played this game. It’s awesome af, especially the soundtrack xD


@Shen :smiley:


I used to be a fan of a Minecraft YouTuber. I can’t make up good usernames so I chose this.