Story of your username!


My Name is still VIDMAN


no you can’t steal our joke…


it’s a song by Katatonia, i use it as my nick mostly everywhere c:


The reason for my username is because im royalty in scotland and i mispelt it but it should be Keagan


The story of my username:
One day I was at the beach and I got stung by a jellyfish. I saw it in the water and my first thought was “That’s so beautiful!” (My second thought was “OUCH!”) I want to be like a jellyfish; fun to watch, amazing, but possessing a deadly beauty too (when I’m playing Curve Fever Pro).


I randomly typed some stuff in and “4hrue2kd83f”. It was shortened to just “4hrue”.


I just translated what my friends called me to english. (İt’s Baltalı Poğu, balta means axe) The xd is for extra edginess :sunglasses:


Here’s the gag:

My real name ain’t Henry, it’s Steve. And the “T” is simply short for “Tricked.” Also, i’m a 9 year old kid and Pandaeyes is my mother!



2 years being trolled by hen,i mean steve😂