Story of your username!


2 years being trolled by hen,i mean steve😂


the story of my amazing username is that im a nobody



My story of mine is REXY that because my halloween costume was rex from fortnite. Then I just though REXY!!! Im asain btw


but are you asian


Welcome to curvefever @ASIAN_REXY!!! You are gonna have a GREAT time here and wonderful name!


So here’s the story of my username. I wanted to have a unique username so I thought of a default skin, and I liked the “Boi” meme and I thought why shouldn’t I put that in my name? and boom that’s the story.


I have had a lot of username’s in different games my favorite game was when my brother was trying to type my name without looking he typed orro (my real name is otto) so then i was orro or ottorro. My current username im using that one for everything right now. I wass thinking of a username looked om my phone and got a message lots of friends are online. and then Ottonline


Story of my username is fairly simple. It’s basically a trope?

The Ikaros comes from “Ikaros” (the badass angeloid from heaven’s lost property) ((Don’t call me a weeb I stopped that a while ago but Ikaros stuck)
the “of” is the word… “of”…
and IS comes from my Tankery obsession, and there’s a beautiful tank called the “Iosif Stalin 2” or the “IS-2” that I love a lot, but there’s a ton of IS tanks so I kept it broad and went with “IS”
So it’s “IkarosofIS” which is basically a metaphor for
“Badass IS-2 user”


Ok so Roxas is the best character from a video game and 9001 is over 900


9001 is acutuly over 9000, not 900;)


it’s also over 900 :stuck_out_tongue:


Well BIG- I’m not really big meaning I’m not buff as u can see, but I’m tall 6’1 and I’m 17 not to bad I would say so myself. D-stands for my first name which is Dereck and Rojas is my last name. Nothing unique to my username.


Ok so, this is how I got my username:
So me and my friends are like role playing a family or something
One of them is my husband and one is my child (Im not weird haha)
So we found this game, and we thought it might be a good idea to make our usernames our role in the family, so that’s where the name Mom came from…
Every time we play a game together, we role play and say funny things and stuff…


xD lol


CVET in almost every Slavic language means a flower. I use this nickname because these are the first 4 letters of my last name.


It’s been 1 year since I changed my OS from windows to Linux. While I was reading about how linux works, I came across a term Xorg (Search it up if you want to know what it is). I thought it was pretty cool sounding so I kept it as my username with a little change that was write ‘0’(zero) instead of ‘O’ (the alphabet), thus the name x0rg.


Mine is just ‘Gestr’ in medieval Icelandic (Gestur in modern Icelandic). I use it all over the place as its rarely taken but is oddly personal and anonymous at the same time.


My name is FireWizard. My favorite animal is a lizard and it rhymes with Wizard. Also I like burning things, like my moms purse. I am just joking. I picked it cause it was cringy but dumb. Wait… that is a bad thing. I think I should change my user name. It should be LizardBurner72


I have linux!!!


When I was young, I watched a lot of youtube and I realized how iconic some channel names were, so I decided to make a username that I would use for everything that would really represent me… Then this happened…:joy: