Story of your username!


Fine Dyl




I chose my name because this is the user name i want when i get a youtube channel.
I did Aqua because I like the ocean and swimming and i did Boyee at the end because I thought it was funny to spell Boi wrong and it sounds kind of cool AquaBoyee (oc-wa-boy-ee)


LOL :laughing:


Whenever I see you in the game I read your nickname as one of those:

  • chill ‘n’ away

  • chile ‘n’ away (but chile sounds like a child without a d)


my name is aidan and i am an egg


tell me more @Aidan-The-Egg about your name


because thats what i am

edit: and also because i’m in master league


im a duck egg @the_hashtag


Because i am a cat


Because people won’t step off of my darn property.


Because is my real name😂with my fav number and the two letters where i come from


I’m apart of a clan called “Rage” and Younq because I just came up with it one day. :joy:


My name is still anja


My name is still Rob


My Name is still VIDMAN


no you can’t steal our joke…


it’s a song by Katatonia, i use it as my nick mostly everywhere c:


The reason for my username is because im royalty in scotland and i mispelt it but it should be Keagan


The story of my username:
One day I was at the beach and I got stung by a jellyfish. I saw it in the water and my first thought was “That’s so beautiful!” (My second thought was “OUCH!”) I want to be like a jellyfish; fun to watch, amazing, but possessing a deadly beauty too (when I’m playing Curve Fever Pro).