Story of your username!


well Rob is in Robert so it is my name, but just part of it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I just spammed the keyboard :laughing: apparently I got lucky with spelling


mine is my initials plus the initial of my immediate familys last name (their last name is different than mine)


My username came partly from a random pokemon generator. I was just having fun! but I had been trying to come up with a good name ( my other were things like Dragr1904, 1333 and Lucky Boy.) But the pokemon generator choose “Mudkip” so I wanted to do Mudkips but it looked cringe so I did z to make it cooler


Actually it’s my second username.
Initially I was called EnormeChibre. But I had not enough energy and I could not play with good items.
So I created another account, I loved the leaf jungle ship so I created Leaf. :smiley:
Then I DONT KNOW WHY they obliged me to change my first username so I changed it to Night because I found it cool :smiley:


I’m just a feen for my juul bro


@juul dude…





I can report you for an inappropriate username


chill bro lmao


Fine Dyl




I chose my name because this is the user name i want when i get a youtube channel.
I did Aqua because I like the ocean and swimming and i did Boyee at the end because I thought it was funny to spell Boi wrong and it sounds kind of cool AquaBoyee (oc-wa-boy-ee)


LOL :laughing:


Whenever I see you in the game I read your nickname as one of those:

  • chill ‘n’ away

  • chile ‘n’ away (but chile sounds like a child without a d)


my name is aidan and i am an egg


tell me more @Aidan-The-Egg about your name


because thats what i am

edit: and also because i’m in master league


im a duck egg @the_hashtag


Because i am a cat