Story of your username!


Hello fam!
Here you can share to us the story of how you got you user/nickname! Ill start! :arrow_down:
The first 3 letters of my name are v,i,d hence the VID. My dads nickname is the same, but with a boy at the end, so I went 1 up on him and named myself vidMAN
That’s it! Share your story as well!
READY GO! :arrow_double_down:


I was going to create that topic nuuuu… Mad vid. Well mine is kinda strange…

at the age of 10, in a Cold day of winter,i discovered cf3 And as in every online game, i had No fking idea of what username taking, so i watched throught the windows for some inspiration And i saw a drunk Guy disguise in santa singing Jingle Bells, so i choosed HoHoHo And it seem appreciate from the comunity


Mine is just a combination of first name and surname :joy:


Yeah, and its reversed right? Isn’t jos your first name?




STALKER CONFIRMED @VIDMAN , btw I knew it too xD


You have to say how you got your nickname. Im not a stalker, its public, just look him up on insta


How much I would like to have a story about it… I don’t really lol. I kinda came up when it.


In the times when I started to play CF2, I always hit the “#” before I sent the message in the chat. (because the # button is next to the enter button) so there was at the end of my messages a # in the chat lol
In the last years I used social media often (ig, twitter etc.) and then I got to know the # symbol better and knew what you can do with it.

Soooo that was my story about my username.


SatGames is just My YouTube so yeah, sub to it!
That’s how i got my Username :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


my name is anja


my name is Rob


such an interesting story, please tell us more (I can’t wait)


Lol really, just your name? nothing special?

I thought it was Robert;)


Yup, nothing special. I’m sorry if I’ve dissapointed you :disappointed_relieved:


well Rob is in Robert so it is my name, but just part of it.:stuck_out_tongue:


I just spammed the keyboard :laughing: apparently I got lucky with spelling


mine is my initials plus the initial of my immediate familys last name (their last name is different than mine)


My username came partly from a random pokemon generator. I was just having fun! but I had been trying to come up with a good name ( my other were things like Dragr1904, 1333 and Lucky Boy.) But the pokemon generator choose “Mudkip” so I wanted to do Mudkips but it looked cringe so I did z to make it cooler


Actually it’s my second username.
Initially I was called EnormeChibre. But I had not enough energy and I could not play with good items.
So I created another account, I loved the leaf jungle ship so I created Leaf. :smiley:
Then I DONT KNOW WHY they obliged me to change my first username so I changed it to Night because I found it cool :smiley: