Stop targeting and bullying



Please stop the bullying and tageting because I kept on getting last and getting targeted and bullied for 3 matches and I WANT IT TO STOP.

Thank you,


Hey Aron, unfortunately theres nothing you can do to stop targeting as it’s part of the game but if they are being abusive, you should report them and mute them. Just ignore these people dude, you will always get people like this in online games, don’t let it get you down! If you DM me their names I can give them a little extra attention next time I see them if you want? :wink:


Hi Zero,

I won’t be able to DM you because discord disabled my account and I really need a phone number so that I can get a verification code to verify my email.

As for getting the names to you I can tell them to you in cfp private chat or in a private message in forum.



Ok, send to me in private message on forum :slight_smile: Remember, next time it happens don’t react because thats what they want. Just leave the room if you think you’re being raided/harrassed. Or if you’re feeling super tasty, you could see it as a challenge (though you probably won’t win if they are well coordinated) but you could stay and play with them purely for the extra difficulty/practice, which is actually quite valuable if you want to get better, and why a lot of pros like to play Kill The King (5v1). Just enjoy the games and be cute with them, pay them compliments on their skills - it’s kinda anti-climatic for them if you don’t react to it.

You should still be able to use discord on a guest account without a number and email, you just wont be able to claim it or setup authentication :slight_smile:


Ok, but still they are my friends (the people that are bullying/targeting me)
And I don’t want to hurt their feelings.


@Zero I am CurveMaster btw


Oh I’m sorry dude, I didn’t realise it was you when I declined your friend request yesterday. I don’t really talk much in game anymore, best way to reach me is discord or the forum.

About your friends, if they are your friends in real life then it might be worth having a chat with them and let them know how their behaviour makes you feel. If they are your friends they will understand.

I think it’s very wise and admirable for someone of your age to take the approach that you don’t want to treat others the way you wouldn’t like to be treated :slight_smile:


Ok thanks.