Stop messing with this game


The developers of this game clearly don’t understand a very simple aspect of human behaviour - humans like things simple. The majority of your userbase doesn’t check the forums, because the majority of people who play the game don’t really care for this game. This game used to be a fun multiplayer free for all snake type game. That’s all it ever needed to be. Even without powerups, people would still play a modern version of Tron. Please stop with the extra game modes, different chat rooms, and all the other irrelevant useless drivel.

Free For All > Teams

You could already team up if you wanted to in Free For All, this Capture the Flag bs with donating points, stealing points, defending, NONE OF THIS IS INTUITIVE OR EASY TO UNDERSTAND FOR STUPID PEOPLE LIKE ME.
It took me 5 games to get it, and after that I just started getting pissed at my teammates. Change the game back and only update like once a month or something not everyday jesus.


Some people like FFA.
Some people like Teams.

So basically, Team Mode is a good news. More people will play the game. In CF2 and CF3, both modes were already there. And you were having the choice between them. If devs take care about their players, they will soon add this choice.



Actually there was no team mode in cf3 but it was always highly requested.

The game mode really is intuitive tho :joy: get points, bring them over. It makes you think more and you have to play with friends which is never a bad thing!

If you do not like it you can still play ffa!

But as I said teams was highly requested for a long long time and i think devs did a great job!


there was teams in created matches, i 100% remember them


Yes some of us have made our own teammode cause we wanted to play teams like in cf2! But there was no real UI for it or set rules! You could shoot your teammates and everything.


Your kidding me. Another update? This 400 pts thing takes away ALL excitment from the entire game because it makes games so fast and one sided. I really started to like the original team mode because it was exciting to have to defend your base at all times while trying to attack and survive. Although at first I said the original teammode was one sided I now know that was just the start. Although I know I’m typing in a user feedback that the game creators will probably never look at. I think that the first order of duty should be raising the point goal. Everyone starts with 100 making it so that if everyone donates to one person that person already has 300/400 points. Goodbye now.


Devs are just experimenting with the new game mode until they find a good solution for a team mode! This is ONLY an experiment and will most likely not last, since I have only seen negative feedback until now :joy:


i mean, now its really FUN since you can end the game in 2 rounds


You can end it in one round! Or it can take 20 rounds :joy:


I strongly disagree with you because I just lost 5 games in a row, but if I would’ve won them I would agree -ish.


it was sarcasm

and also, the idea of giving us 300 points in the begining of the game is stupid, make us work for the points if we need to gather 400.

all you need to do is for 2 people survive 1 round and bam you basically win if youre not stupid


The new new mode is not good.
I will be back when they launch the new new new mode.
And if it is worst I will wait for a new new new new mode.

Yes, I know, my post is annoying. :partying_face:
But if devs stop to make big updates everyday, we could avoid that. :kissing_heart:


wtf Line, you played CF3?


Sure but not as Line, back then I was Südtirol :joy:


I’m administrator for other games. And yes i agree that team options was must have for game to be spotted in esport market as it is. Its a progress people, lets give them time for showing Us what they have to offer ; )
And to be completly honest it wil bee nice to have ability to chose witch game typy i want to ‘quick play’ :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why there’s not options for FFA and these two new team mode versions. There could be a team mode option on the main screen, and a further option for the 400 points version (which I think is awful). I had just gotten used to the new team mode, and was enjoying it, despite the glitches. This new 400 version however removes all the drama and urgency of it. Just give us a FFA option with auto matchmaking on the main screen again.

There’s another problem with these team modes, it’s unfair that rewards are dependent on the skill of your team, when you might be a decent player and the others might be dreadful. Getting low crates because someone else messed up… FFA needs to be the only way to earn crates, because it’s the only fair way. To conclude, give us back FFA on the main screen, Team Mode (the original version), is far more fun than the 400 points version.


For me TEAMS much better than FFA… Completely not agreed with author of topic :slight_smile:
Great job Devs! I have left game when I was Moderator because bad gameplay. Now, I am as Player and totally enjoyed <3

Love u all <3


I like teams but not as much as I like FFA. I think teams should not have replaced FFA - it’s the reason we’re all here. We’ve been promised its only temporary so let the devs work on getting the team mode stable - it was in high demand after all. Im sure we will have the option of playing FFA in quickplay again soon.

It could be a programming challenge having 2 matchmaking engines processing data at the same time for 2 different game modes with all different rules so we have to appreciate that these things can’t happen overnight.

But a note to the devs… if you do introduce new modes in future, maybe introduce them as optional modes we can play as well as the original mode so players don’t feel forced into playing something they’re not used to or not enjoying as much.


but the point is, that there´s no easy way anymore to play ffa!
How could i play fast in ffa mode? by starting a custom game, waiting for players in my rank?? I tried this often and it NEVER worked. its not even possible to see in the list of games, which the ffa ones are…


I absolute agree with you. GET RID OF THE TEAM MODE ITS SO BAD!!!