Stealth Mine


Hey everybody.

I was wondering how much time did it take to get the Sleath Mine? I’ve “unlocked” it for 1 month and a half at least and I’ve opened A LOT of gold crate since but still no stealth mine.
I’m currently lvl.19 and I’ve unlocked this module since lvl.11…
Has it done the same thing for you?

Thank you very much!


i luckily already had it but since this big change … i got 1 module point

legendary points are super rare and its not easy to get them … be patient


Im waiting like 3 months to unlock reverse, ive opened many many gold crates but i still havent it. I have more than 50 purple points. This game is just unfair.


Thank you very much for your answer. I guess the ppl from before will be more likely to win tomorrow’s tour then haha!
I’m gonna wish this for Christmas then :smile:


santa gonna give you it :gift:


Let’s hope :slight_smile: bc I’ve been a very nice kid :wink: :joy:


Hey Cauchy, I’m really sorry about this. Before I planned the tournament I had assumed that although it was a legendary power, it wouldn’t take to long to discover, only to upgrade its level.

With regards to “probably one of the older players will win” I think that likelihood hasn’t changed tbh - older players will always have an advantage of experience and high levelled powers. Though I’m still sorry about this being the situation. I’m still looking into ways to address this.


Pls devs,change this condition (only in gold crates and very low probability),pls change to all crates with a different % of probability for each crate type

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