Stealing points



Curve Fever Pro has tested a few modes in terms of gaining and losing points. With all the feedback the developers decided that the current mode this the most suitable. Being honest, I personally agree.

People complain… Well you can safe yourself more with this mode as the previous ones. You perfectly decided to either be offensive or defensive. This won’t give you a disadvantage. You could focus on attacking people, blocking their path or just staying alive (ha ha ha staying aaaaliiiive)

If people really complain about people using scatter and zap to steal points… if you know it will happen to you, picking some different powers or changing tactic could do wonders. Shield, jump, thick… if you use them correctly they can serve very well in a defensive gameplay.



That makes sense.

I think why it makes more sense to me than Line’s argument(no offense, Line) is because it’s based on an argument other than who’s unlucky and who’s not.

I think from all this I learnt that I should really think more about the possible repercussions, downsides, and counters against my new idea/suggestion before posting.


And never forget to cite if you use someone elses statements :joy: and pls dont elaborate your posts too much haha



…where did I not cite?


You did quite often :joy: i am not going through your looooong posts to search for it but you should use the cite function whenever it is possible :joy: