Stealing points



For months, people had been complaining about how unfair it is to steal points. In response, the developers nerfed the attacks of many modules. I think that this was, overall, a good move.

Everything I will mention in this post will be regarding possible improvements to Version 1.4.10.

So, I have a new proposition regarding stealing points. I mean, it’s not really new, given that it used to exist earlier in the game. The system was that cut-offs granted you points, causing someone to die while they still have your fever, etc. What I specifically enjoyed about it was that you didn’t steal from other players. Rather, you earned points on your moves rather than the other person losing points as well.

I think that this made the game have less raging, as well as more social. People will hit each other to gain points. The enemy won’t lose any, however.

The fact that you can steal points now was because of the fact that bullets and mines can’t kill you anymore. Therefore, in the current system, you can harvest an enemy endlessly for points.

Another reason I am suggesting this is because sometimes, someone is coming first until the last few rounds and therefore loses his or her position in the scoreboard. This can cause the person to lose rank or get less of a prize because by chance some other players got him/her.

This will make the prizes fairer as well, as since you can’t really steal points, you can only add to your own.

The only possible problem I see with this is that games may be shorter, since survival points are no longer the only factor. Hence, reducing the points gained from a survival may work.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I’d appreciate it if you replied with your thoughts on this post :slight_smile:


there are many fallacies in this idea.

say a grandmaster is leading.
2 silvers decide thats not done.
so they shoot each other 5 times each.
silvers at top.
grandmaster at bottom.

or am i missing something…?..



Oh wait good point.

That’ll be difficult to do, unless they have fever, but it makes sense. But then again, can’t the grandmaster just hit a bunch of other several times to gain points as well? If he is more skillful than the silvers and has more upgraded powers, then he might be able to sustain his rank. Furthermore, surviving past the silvers would also display his skill.


hmm yea it could work. But the current system is good imo. The last round(s) is(are) very intense and i get a certain kind of high when i manage to steal points and the tables are turned. This intensity and chasing that high is what makes this game interesting.



True. The current system is well thought-out. Perhaps your true skill with your powers shows in the last few rounds, since survival matters more in the prior ones.

However, this is exactly the issue. Unless I misunderstood, I was told by Rojoss(a developer) that they were interested in well-balanced games. A person who did well until the last round could easily get very angry on getting a lower crate than he/she actually deserved due to stealing points. Of course, my idea can’t completely stop that issue, but it can certainly alleviate it.


ye sometimes in the last round player just gets unlucky and gets sandwitched/targetted and die. The last rounds are too critical.


Which is why I introduced this. It’s happened to me, and I absolutely dislike it.


Actually the last rounds r not that critical, you can farm points before and just go hide. Or simply steal the lost points back.



Not so simple to steal back lost points, especially if you were side-shotted by mutiple enemies.

As for farm points, I know what you mean: farm in the first few rounds, and then in the last round, after you get the needed survival points to secure a win, kill urself. Hiding doesn’t always work because there’s bound to be someone with mines and fevers, so if you’re the hiding type, take defensive powers.

By critical, we mean that you are able to steal a lot more points since there are a lot more points in the circuit by then.


I know :joy: i have been there many times, but if you get stolen points you just didnt play it well enough :joy:



I suppose. But the point is, it doesn’t really reflect your skill if you are doing really well until the last round or something.


True you lose more in the last rounds, it happened to me as well. But that is how the game works if you have more, you can lose more. That’s life :joy: and tbh you steal more as well in later rounds. So no excuses and defend yourself :joy: you just have to play it better at the end. Ik teaming up against someone is a thing as well, but you can dodge most of the modules quite easily :joy:



Thanks for your thoughts.

#1: You use the “crying with laughter emoji” a lot…
#2: Yes, you can dodge, but also get unlucky and such. Maybe you should lose some, but not as much as they gain.
#3: What excuses…? The original post says making it so that you don’t lose points when you get hit to help with this. It still reflects your skill, and what you like about is still there.
#4: You do make a very strong case, however. I am utterly swayed by your use of emojis. You really do have to play it better in the end, but the thing is, maybe you are more skillful in reality, and you won’t actually get what you deserve if that happens.


Hm yea, but just think of real life. If a thieve steals your watch, the watch is gone :joy: the thieve doesnt simly get a watch and you keep yours … do you know what i mean?

And yes, just play better then you wont lose so many points. And it still happens by a lucky shot from someone that didnt even aim at you :joy: then shit happens you were just unlucky



Exactly, being unlucky has happened to me. It doesn’t reflect your actual level of skill in that case. If you play better, then you should also be able to steal points and be leading anyways.

Besides, when were any videogames based on “real life” in that manner? The point is to make the game enjoyable. No one enjoys having their watch stolen.



Oh so if you get shot in fortnite you dont die?
If you pick up a weapon in COD it is still there for the next one to pick it up?
If you steal coins from a base in KingOfThieves the other guy still has the coins?

:joy: you should think a lil before you write stuff hihi

And if it reflects your skill or not thats arguable. One can say that you just didnt play good enough to dodge the bullet. Maybe it was luck maybe it wasnt, who can judge that :joy: and since it is equal for every player it seems pretty fair to me.


…what’s fortnite, cod, and KingofThieves? I’ve heard of the previous one, but I thought it was some dancing game…

I’ve only played free online games, and pretty much had a bunch of io games in mind when I said that. IDK what you’re talking about, I should probably google it up…

As for the skill thing, you’ve got a point actually.

Maybe then balancing should occur based on how “close” the game was? For me, getting “unlucky” happens once every 5 games. It could mean I’m a bad player, but given I hold up until the last 2 rounds doesn’t seem to mean that.


They r all games, 2 of them actually free :joy:

Ok another example: if you get killed in, do you lose your points earned?
I think the answer is quite obvious :joy:

And yes one out of 5 is not even that much tbh. But if you dont hold up to the end then probably you r just not up there with the best :joy: no offence



Yes, you lose your points earned. However, there was a point in that you could die. The devs removed that for a reason.

On, the devs for that game aren’t as active either.

I know I’m not with the best. Like Legolas and Owl, I began playing since the beginning of, but am only gold right now unlike them being grandmasters and all.

But then again, I never played as often as they did.

If you don’t hold up to the end because a bunch of noobs got you…well, then the noobs who are beating you in the scoreboard certainly aren’t in the best because of that either.


But better then you are :joy:

The dying was another mode and it shouldnt matter in this discussion. I just brought the example of slither cause you apperently played it, and to show you that losing the points makes absolutely sense.

Like this the end game gets more exiting more fun more challenging.