Stablish a max lag


Welp this seems to be also a report but the main thing here is the feature request.

I have just played with a player called Adam420, not sure what he meant but at the start he was extremly laggy, in such a way his movements updates were completely unpredictable and he got a clear advantage. When I said he was laggy he stopped being laggy and said “Now?” and I said that it got better, I thought it was some router problem or something related. Then he said “It’s easier to kill you sey” I think sey was a typo for “see”, so I think he was on purpose lagging his connection on reducing the rate that his client was sending packages to obfuscate his moves and kill others. (He also used the speed power to make it even worst)

So here is my proposal, limit players that are too laggy, stablish a certain ping and if a player’s ping goes above it for more than [X] seconds kick him. This would help alot :slight_smile: Thanks for reading.
(Also it would stop Adam too :confused: )


Hi, if someone is way too laggy and you think he is abusing the lag to get an advantage you can always report him by right clicking on his name. Be sure to give an explanation.

I personally do not think lagging players should be kicked from a game… I do lag as well from time to time and it is not really an advantage (at least not with my lags)… I basically go straight for a couple of seconds. I think losing is enough for a punishment.


There is a max ping. Also, first round is usually more laggy because the game detects the ping of that user and adjusts for the next rounds accordingly. Normally, if you have a good connection your game should be smooth and not see other people flopping (evem if they have a bad connection).


Could it be that the max ping is over 18k ms?
I had one time a ping over 18k ms.
That was not funny.



What I think is that he reduced the rate he sent packages to the game, not the rate he received, just a theory :stuck_out_tongue: I tried reporting but it just muted him, I guess I was doing smth dumb.